Bissell Buzz 2017/1

When it’s time for the local alumni banquets, you know it’s time for the Fort to reopen for the season! Yes, it is that time of the year again!

We open the season with a new roof on the schoolhouse and our new cement parking bay with a walkway to the school.   The roof repairs were made possible by our fundraising efforts from last year and the parking bay through a local grant. Every little bit helps to keep the doors of the Fort open and to preserve the past for our future generations.  Our fundraising this year will go towards restoration and maintenance of the two log cabins.

On April 25th we had a big group of volunteers from the Deer Creek 4-H group to help with cleaning and one literally saw dust flying everywhere.  A big thank you to them once again for volunteering.

We want to thank the Oliff Boeve Funeral home, who did some redecoration of their basement and donated all the paintings done by local artists to the Fort.  We will be showcasing these beautiful paintings in Heritage Hall.  The featured artists are Velda Christy, Helen Sharp, Eunice Losey, Jo Lumpkin and Connie Gordon. Paintings.jpg

There are two new scrapbooks added to the Military Room.  One is the transcribed diary of Pvt. George C. Larson, whose uniform and other related items from WWI are on display.  His granddaughter Barbara Larson Finnegan is in possession of the original journal and graciously did the transcribing and even added the related maps of France.  The second scrapbook comprises veterans stories as interviewed by Phillipsburg High School pupils and published as a series in a local newspaper.  Both of these scrapbooks make interesting reading.George Larson Display

The Fort will be open both Saturday and Sunday of Memorial weekend from 12 p.m. till 5 p.m. as a special gesture to all the alumni who are visiting their home towns.  We have made journals available to be placed at the various alumni gatherings in Phillipsburg, Agra, Kirwin and hopefully also Long Island.  There will be one at the Fort too.  We would like to encourage people to record some of their special memories of times gone by. If we do not record these now, the personal stories will soon be lost forever.  These journals will be kept at the Fort.

We sure hope that this is the beginning of an exciting season and want to encourage all to come and visit the Fort this summer.  The Fort will not be open on Memorial Day, due to being open during the weekend.  But as from Tuesday May 30th, the doors will be open for the season until Labor Day.  Hope to see ya soon at the Fort!

Ruby Wiehman – Curator