Bissell Buzz 2016/8

At the Fort we try and keep our displays related to the various buildings we have on site.  Most displays are static, but to keep things interesting, we occasionally add or change a few things around.  In this fashion we have added some exquisite clothing to the display in the sod house last week.

Silk lace and ribbons

Silk, lace and ribbon ties on the skirt – how elegant!

Mrs. Margarite Culbertson (born Griffin) was the wife of a local banker around the turn of the century and her clothing reflects the wonderful fashion of that period.  The collection boasts sheer silks, lavish satin and intricate lacework amongst other. There is a black and white sheer party dress with polka dots and 1920’s ruffle, which surely must have made her the belle of the ball!

This coming week we will be unpacking the private music box collection, which will be on display until the end of the season.  This collection comprises 25 to 30 pieces which hail from all over the world.  Most are very old, but a few modern items will also be included.

The chimney for the blacksmith shop has now been built and installed and we are steadily making progress with this development.  As it is in any shop, one can never have too many tools and we are still seriously in need of blacksmith tools – tongs, hammers and a post vise.

Twelve children attended our Fun Friday Scavenger hunt, which still took place despite the severe thunderstorm that rolled though town early Friday morning.  We thought the rain was over, but another shower or two added to the fun when they were running around looking for the various items.  The grounds were seeded with approximately 60 gold rocks and some of the children decided this was the find of the day and wanted to collect them all!   We were intending to host a Pet Fun Friday this coming week, but due to the forecast of severe hot weather we feel it is not in the best interest of the animals to continue with this, as this would have been hosted outside.  Should any children however wish to still attend this coming Friday (July 22), we will be inside and read to them what the Pioneers needed to make the journey by wagon in order to some and settle in Kansas.  Please confirm with us if your child will be joining us.

It is very encouraging to have visitors living in Phillips County visiting the Fort for the first time.  Often these visitors have been back within a day or two, bringing a friend or relative.  We really enjoy seeing the locals just as much as anyone visiting from afar.

Come and visit the Fort and see most aspects of the Prairie pioneer life being showcased.  Our hours are Tuesday to Friday 9am – 4pm and Saturday 9am – 2pm.  Closed on Sundays and Mondays.  Regular updates and photos are posted on our Facebook page.

We can be contacted on (785) 543-6212 or on email at

Remember entrance is FREE. See ya at the Fort – hopefully soon!!

Ruby Wiehman – Curator