Bissell Buzz 2015/10

August 15, 2015

The children are nearly all back to school and our yellow school buses are back on the road again. The Fort is still open until Labor Day September 7th and there are a few events taking place that we would like the community to be aware of and also partake in.

On Thursday August 20th the Phillips County Historical Society will be hosting an event to honor the person of 2015, who will also feature on our Wall of Fame.  We can now announce that this honor goes to Betty Berney, a lady with a phenomenal knowledge of the history of our area, but who has also made huge contributions to the Phillipsburg community.  We would like to invite people to come and visit with her at this event, starting at 7pm and held at Fort Bissell.

Unfortunately the live radio broadcast scheduled for August 13th had to be cancelled due to some unforseen circumstances.  This however will now take place on Saturday August 22nd. Come and show your support for the Fort by visiting and having a chat with the people of Kansas Praise Radio (KPRD), or tune in and listen from about 7am till 9am.

Our Fourth Annual Chilli Cookoff will be held on Saturday September 27th at 5pm. at the Fort.  We are encouraging teams to start getting together for the event.  More news will be posted next week about this.  It is bound to be a fun evening!!

Dayton Hopper #97 Schoolhouse

Dayton Hopper #97 Schoolhouse

We have two buildings on our premises that each boast with two names and this confuses many a visitor until we explain why.  The Dayton/Hopper Schoolhouse is the first one notices when you enter the property.  The two names are because it served the both Dayton and Hopper communities.  It was school #97 (out of a total of 137 in Phillips County) and situated 4 miles north of Stuttgart on the Rupke grounds.  After taking 5 years of careful planning and restoration there was a dedication ceremony on August 12th, 1985 – a full 30 years ago.  The last school lessons were given in 1945 and now it lives on where visitors enjoy and appreciate it on a daily basis. Most children cite the schoolhouse as their favorite on the premises.

Station Depot from Glade, previously known as Marvin, KS

Station Depot from Glade, previously known as Marvin, KS

The second building is the Station Depot that boasts Marvin and Glade signage.  There are many people that still don’t know that Glade as the town is known today, was first named Marvin. It was named by Lafe Nay in honor of Lieutenant Marvin who was in the area because of Indian troubles.  At the time, Mr. Nay was a United States Marshal, active in Western Kansas.  The reason for this renaming was because of another town down the rail named Marrion and the names often got mixed up. The depot was built in 1879 and in 1890 renamed to Glade, but for many years the townsfolk continued to call their town Marvin.  On July 1st, 1908 the post office was also officially was renamed to Glade.  The depot was moved to the current site in 1978.  Other towns in Phillips County that were renamed are also Logan (Deversville), Speed (Big Bend) and Gretna (Dana).  The Depot houses items including Railroad memorabilia, Military Room, Glade Postal boxes and the Fossil Rock and Gem collection.

Some interesting stats to share about our visitors – to date we have welcomed 467 visitors this season.  They represent 29 states and 2 international countries.  There have been some permanent RV travelers with no fixed address, which effectively could also represent the rest of the states too. Tuesdays and Fridays have been the busiest days and July has been the busiest month, but August not too far behind with little over 2 weeks still to go.

Our hours are Tuesday to Friday 9am – 4pm and Saturday 9am – 2pm.  Closed Sundays, Mondays.  Regular updates and photos are posted on our Facebook page.

We can be contacted on (785) 543-6212 or by email at

Remember entrance is FREE. See ya at the Fort!!

Ruby Wiehman – Curator